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The Women's History Project is dedicated to researching and preserving the contributions of Georgia Women from Colonial Days to the current day National Guard. Even though women were not officially members of the state's military defense until the mid-20th century, their importance to the heritage and defense of our state dates to the very beginning of our existence.

In many cases, very little information is recorded about these women. But, with diligence and dedication to preserving this important facet of history we will learn of their contributions and share them with you. The following biographies and stories are about some of these women. If you have additional information on any of these women, or other women in Georgia's militia and military history, please contact us at the address below. We welcome all contributions to this important endeavor.


I. Colonial Beginnings (1500's - 1775)
Mary Musgrove Matthews (Coosaponakesee) Bosomworth

II. The War of American Independence (1776 - 1783)
Hannah Harrington Clark(e)
Nancy Ann Morgan Hart
Mammy Kate
Georgia's Colonial Heroines
A Woman's Determination Saves a Georgia Governor

III. The Young Republic (1784 - 1815)

IV. Rise of the Volunteer Militia (1816 - 1848)

V. The War Between the States (1849 - 1865)

A 'Fair' Woman's Love Almost foiled Sherman's Georgia March
Private 'Bill Thompson,' A Woman In A Man's Army
The Nancy Harts: Personal Recollections of the War, Girl Confederate Soldiers

VI. Reconstruction and Revival of the Militia (1866 - 1897)

VII. The Spanish-American War (1898 - 1902)

VIII. Reform and Beginnings of Federalism (1903 - 1916)

IX. The National Guard in World War I (1917 - 1919)

X. The Years Between the Wars (1920 - 1940)

XI. World War II (1941 - 1945)
Women's Division, Georgia State Guard Activated

XII. The Cold War Years and Korea (1946 - 1959)
Air National Guard First To Welcome Women
1958, the year in which women officially entered the Georgia Guard

XIII. The National Guard Today (1960 - Present)
May 1973, an historic step for women and the Georgia National Guard
Lieutenant Colonel Maria L. Britt, Georgia's First Female Battalion Commander

WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH MARCH 1995: Promises to Keep

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