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Fort Gillem Tom Dalton, President 10 October 1992
Theme: Mr. Rich Elwell -- "The Battle of Bloody Marsh" Ms. Gail Parnelle -- "The 101st AAA in New Guinea" (BG (Ret.) Don Mees, scheduled) LTC (Ret.) Henry Pickelsimer -- "The 265th Engineer Group in Desert Storm" Mr. Joey Seguin -- "World War II Equipment" Tour: SECOND--1993 Warner Robins Tom Dalton, President 25 September 1993
Theme: Ms. Beverly Pack -- "Contributions of Women in the GA Guard in the Early 20th Century" Mr. Sam Roach -- "A Bombardier/Navigator in the Pacific Theater of World War II" Dr. Sam Patton -- "The Georgia Guard and the Textile Strike of 1934" Tour: Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB
THIRD--1994 Kennesaw Tom Dalton, President 24 September 1994
Theme: Ms. Beverly Pack -- "Women and the Georgia Militia" Dr. James Wilbanks -- "The Georgia Naval Militia" Mr. John Whatley -- "Anecdotes of the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain" Mr. Ed Regan -- "Reminiscences of the D-Day Landing" MG (Ret.) Bruce Jacobs -- "Return to , D-Day Revisited" (Feature) Tour: Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield FOURTH--1995 Savannah Tom Dalton, President 16 September 1995
Theme: Colonial Georgia Ms. Beverly Pack -- "Heroic Women of Georgia's Colonial Militia" Mr. Tom Rogers -- "The Siege of Savannah: What Went Wrong?" Mr. Joe H. Thompson -- "Noble Jones: An Early Georgia Military Leader" Professor Paul S. Hudson -- "The Discovery of the Tomb of James Oglethorpe" (Feature) Tour: Fort Pulaski FIFTH--1996 Calhoun Bill Ridley, President 12 October 1996
Theme: Frontier Georgia Mr. Michael Goethals -- "Lt. Col. Augustus Elholm: a report to the Security Council of Georgia, 1793-94" Ms. Gail Parnelle-Roach -- "The Federal Roads: breaking ground in frontier Georgia" Mr. Rich Elwell -- "The Georgia Militiaman on the Georgia Frontier" Mr. Jim Langford -- "Desoto's March Through Georgia: 300 years before Sherman" (Feature) Tour: New Echota, Cherokee National Capital, 1825-1838 SIXTH--1997 Warner Robins Bill Ridley, President 12 October 1997
Theme: 50th Anniversary of the U. S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Bruce MacLane, Commander, 116th Bomb Wing, Georgia Air National Guard -- Welcome BG (Ret.) James 'Dutch' McLendon -- "A Georgia National Guardsman in the Army Air Corps in the Pacific" Mr. Charles Wollmer -- "A 'RECON' Platoon Leader Across Normandy" Col. (Ret.) Bill Ridley -- "Notes on the History of the 116th in Georgia" Gen. (Ret.) Alpha A. Fowler, past Commander of 483rd Bombardment Group, and former Adjutant General of Georgia (Feature) Tour: Museum of Aviation, Robins AFB SEVENTH--1998 Fort Gillem Bill Ridley, President 24 October 1998
Theme: Desert Storm Col. (Ret.) Bill Ridley -- Welcome Mr. Jim Wooten, moderator -- Panel Introduction Maj. Gen. William P. Bland, Jr. -- "Georgia Guard's role in Desert Storm" MG James D. Davis, COL David S. Kenemer, CPT Teri Oman, SMSgt Sharon B. Page, 1st Sgt. Marion Washington -- Panel Discussion
EIGHTH--1999 Columbus Alan Langston, President 9 October 1999
Theme: Georgia's Civil War Past Mr. Alan Langston -- Welcome Major General David Poythress -- Video Message Mr. Bob Holcombe -- "The Confederate Navy on the Chattahoochee" Professor John Cope -- "Wilson's Raid Through Alabama and Georgia" Mr. Joey Seguin -- "A Soldier In The War Between The States" Tour: Infantry Museum, Fort Benning; Port Columbus Civil War Naval Center

NINTH -- 2000

Alan Langston, President
October 2000

Theme: The Office of the Adjutant General
Major General David Poythress, The Adjutant General of Georgia
Major General (Retired) William P. Bland
Major General (Retired) Joseph W. Griffin
Major General (Retired) Billy M. Jones
Brig. General (Retired) Alpha Fowler
Brig. General (Retired) Ben Patterson
Governor Ernest Vandiver (video)
Col. (Retired) James Wooten (moderator)
Tour: Ucchi Indian Recreation

TENTH- 2001

John Hardwick, President
October 2001

Theme: The Georgia National Guard in the Korean War
Col. (Ret.) Hamilton Phillips
Col. (Retired) Phil Coleman
CW4 (Ret.) C. D. Collins
Tour: 8th Air Force Museum

ELEVENTH -- 2002

John Hardwick, President
October 2002

Theme: Georgia and 'The War'
Johnny Mack Nickles
Dr. Anne J. Bailey
Prof. William Bragg
Maj. Gen. David B. Poythress -- Luncheon Speaker

TWELFTH -- 2003

John Hardwick, President
October 2003

Theme:The Georgia Guard and World War II
BG (ret.) James McLendon
Mr, John Meeler
Mr. Charles Shepherd


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