In 1992 an amazing wealth of information was uncovered at the State Archives during the Shelf Inventory Project. This discovery wielded 116 boxes of records from the Georgia Department of Defense with some dating back as far as 1866. Included in these boxes are reports on National Guard activities, orders, daily rosters, intelligence reports, general correspondence, construction of a rifle range, and other information pertaining to the early days of the Guard.

Since this discovery, members of the Historical Society have been solely involved with the tedious task of screening every document in these boxes. This process involves evaluating the document for relevant content, performing minor document repairs, preparing archival folders with complete identification of documents inside, and cataloging each box's contents on the Archives computer data base. Literally hours are spent on each box to thoroughly perform the task at hand.

As of October 1999, there have been over 40 boxes inventoried and catalogued and now made available to researchers. The remaining boxes need our immediate attention! There could be any amount of historical wealth waiting to be discovered in these boxes. If you have an interest, and some time, to devote to this arduous project please contact either CW4 Rich Elwell (phone 770-985-6362) or SSG Gail Parnell (phone 770-938-4385).

From time to time, tidbits of these hidden treasures will be made available for your enjoyment. Our first examples include hand written Special Orders from the Headquarters, 2nd Regiment Infantry, Georgia Volunteers dating 18 October 1899. This Order calls for the election of Captain of Company L.

Noted Admiral James Dewey and his wife visited Savannah on March 20-21, 1900. Lieutenant J. H. Kinzie, Naval Battalion & Secretary to the Military Committee for the Dewey Celebration, issued an invitation on March 5, 1900 for military participants to participate in the parade honoring Admiral Dewey.

A document which really caught my eye, not for it's content, but for it's format was a General Order issued July 24, 1900 by Headquarters, Second Regiment Infantry, Georgia State Troop. The preciseness of the layout and the type-pitch was not very indicative of the documents which had been discovered for this period of time. Note the margin alignments and variance in type size. Truly a well-done document for its day.

In 1915 the State of Georgia saw the formation of the Medical Department of the State. Adjutant General J. Van Holt Nash issued General Orders on September 1st establishing a Medical Reserve Corps with a primary responsibility of performing physical examinations for members of the National Guard.

Throughout time units have been organized and disbanded to meet the changing needs of the service. On April 5, 1917 Adjutant General Nash issued Special Orders to disband the Sanitary Detachments of the Third Separate Battalion, Georgia Infantry, and Georgia Coast Artillery. Also dissolved in this order was the Consolidated Hospital Corps Detachment.

Our final example is a General Order issued May 17, 1917 which changes the designation of the Cavalry Squadron "The Second Squadron Georgia Cavalry, National Guard," to "The First Squadron Georgia, National Guard."

Come back and visit this page again. You never know what goodies we may find and post here!

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