Oral History Project

Phase I - 1998

The importance of capturing and recording the experiences of some older Georgia soldiers has recently become a priority of the Society. An intensive effort has begun to interview and video tape some of these Georgia National Guardsmen reliving their stories from the past.

From ten hours of video tape containing 17 oral histories, complete transcriptions are on file in the Historical Society's Archive Collections. Most of the soldiers joined in the 1930's and all had served during World War II, serving in positions from bandsman to infantryman. Some were "citizen-soldiers" serving part-time, while others retired from the service and reached the rank of General after decades of service.

These interviews revealed much new information as well as many 'human interest' stories. In all cases, the soldiers were extremely pleased that their contributions to history are being recorded for generations to come. Sadly, since these interviews began, at least one man has died. It is our hope that we can record the stories of many more Georgians before they, too, are lost to history.

Through the collective efforts of the State Area Command (STARC) Historical Section, Historical Society, 124th Public Affairs Detachment video crew, and the 116th Bomb Wing the following interviews have been recorded thus far:



Atlanta Brigadier General Robert T. Baird, Jr. 7 March 1998 
Lieutenant Charles G. Shepherd, Jr 7 March 1998
Major John R. Cliett  18 April 1998 
Savannah Colonel Henry J. Kennedy 25 April 1998
Major General Charles L. Davis   25 May 1998
Captain Carl H. Martin 25 May 1998
Brigadier General William Hunter Saussey 25 May 1998
Major Ray Silva 25 May 1998
Major Calvin Weeks 25 May 1998 
Colonel Charles R. Conner 25 May 1998
Captain Olin Burnsed 25 May 1998
Macon Sergeant Thomas Resseau 16 May 1998
Colonel John H. Terry  16 May 1998
Sergeant Howard Kelly Edwards 16 May 1998
Sergeant William B. Bell 16 May 1998
Staff Sergeant Julius E. Tyson 16 May 1998
Sergeant Joe C. Billingsley 16 May 1998


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