Museum ConceptTHE MUSEUM

The purpose of the museum project is to build and maintain a collective history of Georgia's citizen soldiers and to practice conservation techniques so as to preserve collected items for future research and display. The museum will provide an educational environment where the story of Georgia's citizen soldier and airman is told to the general public as well as to the men and women of the National Guard.

The museum is also to be the vehicle by which pride in Georgia's military heritage is established among present and future guardspersons, and, between the general public and the Guard.

To accomplish this mission, exhibit areas will illustrate chronologically Georgia's militia beginning to present. A library will be established in the museum for research. Individual histories of historic militia/guard units will be incorporated in a representative manner into the exhibit areas. Outreach exhibits into the communities across the state will be pursued as well. At all times objectivity will be maintained in presenting historical information.

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