Historical Society Office

The Historical Society is currently co-located with the History Section of the Georgia Army National Guard. Still in the process of repair and cleanup, this spacious (at least to us) 3-room setting will provide much needed space to properly archive & store, as well as display, our growing museum and library collection.

Proposed plans include a "mini-museum" display area in the main room as well as desks and tables for researchers to browse our expanding library resources. A smaller room, located off the main room, houses the administrative files and computer. And most importantly, a secure artifact room is located off the main area.

We are located in the lower floor of Building 21 on the Georgia Departement of Defense Reservation, at 935 East Confederate Avenue in Atlanta, Georgia. Unfortunately, we are currently only available on drill weekends and selected times. You may contact us by phone at 6780-569-6061. To reach us by mail, please send all correspondence to: Historical Society of the Georgia National Guard, Inc., Post Office Box 17965, Atlanta, Georgia 30316-0965.

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