Recently the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Board Historical Repositions Grant Program awarded to the Historical Society a monetary grant for the purchase of supplies and resporation of artifacts. This grant, in the amount of more than $3,000, is an in-kind match grant.

One of the requirements of being awarded such a grant is for the organization to have an Emergency Disaster Preparedness Plan. Beginning in October, Gail Parnelle will research and write this necessary plan as well as two others we currently need: an acquisition policy plan, and guidelines of "do's & don'ts" while working in our archives holdings. She expects to spend about 3 - 6 months on this phase of the project.

The remainder of the 12-month period will be spent in actual hands-on time working on the inventory, writing descriptions, and arrangement of the archival contents. This in itself is a monumental task and will extend far beyond the time allowed in this grant. But, this will be a great beginning to a much-needed start.

Our heartfelt thanks to Gail Parnelle, Musuem Curator for the Historical Society, for her diligent efforts in doing all of the necessary preparation to obtain this grant!

This project was funded by a grant from the Georgia Historical Records Advisory Board, Georgia Department of Archives and History, Office of the Secretary of State.

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