2005 Five Conferenec Exaimines Colonial Georgia; Special DVD Offer Features Interviews, Films

Just when you think you might have “seen it all” with the Guard – you haven’t! 

In the 1970s the Georgia Department of Defense produced its own film history of the Guard entitled “More Than Uniform.” That film, rarely seen since, is now available on DVD and is part of a film collection available exclusively to historical society members. Besides “More Than A Uniform,” the DVD includes the National Guard produced film “Goodbye Dear, I’ll Be Back In A Year,” which celebrates the 40th anniversary of the National Guard’s call up in 1940. Most significantly, this disc features never before seen interviews with Georgia Guardsmen who served in the Pacific or the European theaters and who describe their fight to stay alive. This unique DVD is available for just $29.50 above your Historical Society of the Georgia National Guard loyalty fund contribution.

This special DVD will also be available for purchase at the 2005 annual meeting in October with your loyalty fund and $29.50 contribution. Send your check or money order made payable to the Historical Society of the Georgia National Guard care of the Directorate of Communications, Building 1, 935 E. Confederate Ave., Atlanta, GA 30316. Be sure to include your return address.

The Historical Society will conduct its 2005 annual conference Oct. 22, at Fort Gillem , GA ’s Getaway Club. The theme of this year’s conference is colonial and post Revolutionary War Georgia militia history. A guest speaker will also update attendees on Georgia Guard operations in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Cost of this year’s conference, including lunch is $20, (payable at the door) and kicks off at 9:30 a.m. For more information contact John Hardwick at 678-569-6451 (Email: “john.hardwick@ga.ngb.army.mil”) or B. Diamond at 678-569-6065 (Email: “beryl.diamond@ga.ngb.army.mil”).

By joining the Historical Society you become actively engaged in preserving the accomplishments of Georgia’s men and women in uniform who have responded heroically in Georgia ’s past and in the post September 11 era. Our goal is to chronicle and document our heritage so that future generations will understand how their fellow Georgians contributed to our freedom and quality of life.

Several of the projects which your Society has been actively engaged in during the past year include:

       1.  Establishing a museum dedicated to the history of the Georgia Army and Air National Guard

       2.  Periodic interviews with Guard retirees by video and/or audiotape

       3.  The ongoing challenge of capturing history as it unfolds on a daily basis in the Global War on Terror

       4.  Publish a `History of the Georgia Militia and National Guard'

We have recently received the collection of artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia from the Ridley family in remembrance of our own Colonel Bill Ridley, Georgia Air National Guard. He was a dedicated member of the Historical Society for many years and served two terms as its president. Our deepest thanks and appreciation go to Mrs. Betty Ridley for making this priceless donation.

Your membership renewal is very, very important. Please take a moment right now to send your check and show your support for the Historical Society of the Georgia National Guard. Your contribution is tax deductible